Week 5 – Not giving your OPINION is tough stuff!!

Wow! I would honestly have to say that not giving out my opinion was EXTREMELY difficult for me!! I understand the exercise and why we were asked to do it. I am not a gossip, I don’t talk trash about others, I stay away from the “cancer” of despair in the office, but when someone would tell me about their relationship issues or coworker issues – it was VERY difficult for me to not interject and tell them what I would do in that situation or what I feel that they should to do product results. It was TOUGH!! And to be honest, at points I felt as if I were kind of letting them down by not giving my opinion. It’s hard when someone is talking to you about their relationship w/ their spouse and your response is “well I’m sorry you’re going through that” and then being done with it. What I did notice was that I had a lot of extra time on my hands. Ha!! See…I’m the one that all of my friends turn to when they need advice. Not giving them any advice really slowed my phone calls and text messages way down to almost a halt. I have yet to decide if that’s good or bad. Am I ruining good relationships (I mean, NWM is all about relationships right?!) or am I getting closer to my DMP? Either way, I’m excited to see what’s in store for week 6! Oh, and I LOVED Scroll 2! Let’s tackle another 30 days!!



Week 4 – This is really working!!

Oh what a POWERFUL week I have had!! So many amazing things have happened this week. Last week I was down in the dumps with a few personal things going on in my life. I had a rough day and was feeling pretty down about it – even posted about it in my blog and on my MKMMA site. Well…in less than 30 min I received a phone call from a lady that wanted to book a presentation with me! WOAH!!!!!!! Needless to say, I can honestly feel that THIS STUFF WORKS!!! The readings aren’t always easy to squeeze into my day, and I will be honest and tell you that sometimes I’m not the best at the noon reading. I am 90% perfect with that reading and I do feel incredibly guilty if I don’t make it. Sometimes my “noon” reading happens at 5pm, but hey at least I did it! These readings are getting easier and easier as each day progresses. The feeling that I get right before I sit down to read is an EXCITING feeling b/c I know that I’m getting ready to challenge my subby and change my life. Oh what an exhilarating feeling it is!! I see shapes and colors all over the place. I feel my blueprint changing every day. I honestly had no doubt that this was going to work, but I am still amazed at the progress that I can see inside of myself. I am happier and more excited than I have been in a LONG time. I cannot express enough how amazing this is and how important it is to READ YOUR STUFF!!!! I have always been an avid reader. Never been a TV watcher. The stuff that I am reading now is changing my life right before my eyes. I love every second of it. I cannot wait until my boys start to catch on and start to develop the same skills and techniques that I am instilling in all of us. This stuff isn’t going to just change my life, but it’s also going to change the lives of so many people around me and in my family tree. I’m the seed and so proud of it!!!



Week 3 – It never fails…

Week 3 is over half way done. Do you ever notice that when you are trying to change yourself for the better – a difficulty always tends to come up?!! Like when starting a new exercise routine and then you get sick and give up? Or when trying to get up in the morning and read, a sick kid keeps you up all night and then you don’t get up one day, which turns to two days, and so on?! Well that’s how I feel this week. I’m so excited for what’s ahead and I love how this course keeps you accountable. There’s not been any one incident this week, just a lot of little things this week that have brought me down and then the trash talk begins in my head and I feel defeated. Tonight when I was having one of those incidents, I decided to pick up the Greatest Salesman and read it again, along with my DMP. This helped slightly but I still am having a “down” day so-to-speak. My desire is that once I get out of this funk and start seeing some massive changes – that I will look back on my blog, remember these moments, and feel proud of myself for overcoming it. That’s my wish for all of us. Don’t give up. This is too valuable to shrug off. Look back and days like this and feel proud!!!



Are your friends helping or hindering your success??

They say that in order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with successful people that challenge you to be better and grow. I’ve read this on more than a dozen occasions through more than a dozen books. This morning I had just woken up & not feeling so great from my Saturday night birthday party celebration. I did not want to do my 15 min sit b/c my head was pounding – alas I did anyways. While sitting there, I really got to thinking about my old blueprint & my current associations. Are they the crabs in my cage or are they the hands reaching down to pull me up? Let me tell you…this was quite an experience. Very profound. Friends I’ve known for years and years and years and unfortunately – I’m going to have to limit the amount of time I spend with them. The naysayer, the negativity, the constant complain of work/bosses/boyfriends/husbands. I was never one to complain much (always been an avid personal development person and huge reader) but I was always there with my listening ears on when one of them had a problem. It always drained me and left me ragged. I felt like I was doing what the good-friend is supposed to do. I realized this morning that I am hurting myself and hindering my potential. Let me tell you…today is a good day and sad day at all the same time. My wish is that I become a leader to them through my actions & they chose to follow me on this incredible journey. You guys are changing lives one person at a time. I hope you realize the profound effect you have already started to create in my life and the lives of all of us and even the lives of ppl that you will never know! My DMP is to have similar effects on others lives as well. You guys are truly living the dream & I am soaking up all of the information so that I can too!


Week 2 – Holy Moly what did I sign up for?!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole Master Keys Mastermind Alliance group. Mark J informed us beforehand that there would be WORK involved in this program – and I was up for the challenge. Man-o-man was he RIGHT!! I have always figured myself to be a pretty avid reader. I’ve actually had to put some of my books on hold b/c I’m reading so much with the homework. It’s scattered, it’s unorganized, but I’m doing it! It’s getting easier and easier each day to really get the process down and get my mind in the right state. The first week was tough b/c as I was reading, my mind was elsewhere and I was literally just reading the words, but not focusing on what I was reading. That does NO ONE any good. If I’m putting the time into this then DANG IT I need to be doing it RIGHT!! So I’ve been focused on staying focused. How does that work?! LOL. Well, it’s working! Signing up for this class and taking on the challenge has been overwhelmingly huge in every aspect of my day. The 15 min sit is getting easier and easier. The first day I thought that that 15 min would NEVER end. This morning, I was shocked when my alarm went off. I love it!

My favorite part so far…definitely figuring out my DMP. That wasn’t easy and I’m still not 100% done with it, but MAN it’s nice to really feel like I have a goal that I’m moving towards. A purpose. I cannot wait to see what the next few months hold!!!


First Week of MKMMA!!

Wow!! I am excited, yet scared all at the same time!! This first week hasn’t been easy. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on and I’ve been paying attention to the head-trash that runs through my head. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting! I have done my best to complete all of my reading and that will be a personal achievement for me…to have 100% of my reading done. I am a huge reader, but this is different on so many levels. I have had more “perfect” days than “cheat” days – and I’m proud of myself for that! This is a big commitment. To be honest, I think this is a bigger commitment than college was. Ha! I could breeze through those classes and get 2 degrees…but this hits me on such a personal level that it definitely utilizes my mind more than college ever did. The most difficult part for me is sitting still for 15 min. Wow! That’s a challenge. I am SO EXCITED to see my progress with that and how it will (it better! LOL) become easier and easier to sit for 15 min without moving. My mind was racing to all sorts of things. I sang, I got mad at myself for not concentrating on what I just read, I thought about all the other things I could be doing, thought about my kids, thought “man this time is going by SO SLOW”, just had so many thoughts running through my head that it was CRAZY!! So I’m really excited to see my results. My hope is that I can concentrate on 1 thing at a time rather than 50 million things (I know that all of you women / mom’s out there know exactly what I’m talking about). Stoked for next week!!!